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"At Quantum Holistic, we envision a space for people like you and me from all parts of our beautiful world who want to live with truth, consciousness, harmony, joy, love and light. In other words, we create a life which embodies our deepest values. We bring those values with us when we build relations at home, at work and at social gatherings. We aspire to create loving families, supportive communities and meaningful work that fulfills us. Our work is for all of us who care for planet, people, and economic and social wellbeing. We directly impact United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 3, 4, 8, 10 and through our community initiatives we impact Goals 5, 11, 16 and 17. Our work is also in alignment with several social welfare initiatives taken by Indian Government such as National Education Policy 2020, Skill India, Niti Aayog and Atal Innovation Mission.

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Quantum Holistic Advisory Services is a Quantum paradigm based interdisciplinary research-oriented, purpose-driven, for-profit leadership and management consultancy. Spiritual Intelligence (practical wisdom) is at the core of Quantum paradigm. Therefore, the guiding forces are Higher Truth, Consciousness and Joy. The intent is to invoke a sense of sacredness, stability and security against the backdrop of an increasingly interconnected world disrupted by forces of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA). 

Quantum Holistic has currently two service lines – 1) Quantum Mind, 2) Quantum Matters

  • All services related to disciplines such as Social Science, Business Administration, Humanities, Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility would be delivered under Quantum Mind service line.

  • All services related to disciplines such as Science, Engineering, Technology would be delivered under Quantum Matters service line.

The division is only for convenience.

What differentiates the courses is the way we teach – reflective, experiential and reality-driven. The courses are interdisciplinary in nature. Our aim is to engage the whole self – soul, heart and mind.

In everything we do, we surrender to Higher Will and we seek Divine Grace.

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The intent is to build a socio-economic wealth creation model that works well with the Quantum worldview. This model is suitable for individuals, families and communities who are spiritually-inclined and like to build a balanced wholesome life based on wisdom and higher states of consciousness. We aspire to restore the spiritual relation with money and wealth through our work. 


We are Global Professionals with deep appreciation for our roots. We grew up in India, while my brother studied in the U.K., I studied in the U.S. We have combined work experience in U.S., U.K., Germany, Thailand, Singapore, Bangladesh, and India. Our work is research-based and reality-driven, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary in nature, drawing from our diverse background and studies in Spirituality, Philosophy, Liberal Arts, Finance, Business, Quantum Paradigm, Sustainability, Technology and Corporate Social Responsibility. We are published authors and have presented papers and delivered talks at various Institutions and Conferences. We celebrate diversity of thoughts and expressions. We have met people from more than 125+ countries around the world and we have extensively traveled in India. We complement each other with our academic insights and practical, hands-on experience of industry knowledge. 

Our work and our life emerged at the confluence and at the intersection of three legacies which we are fortunate to carry. The three legacies are our spiritual legacy, intellectual legacy and material legacy. At home, we follow the path of Non-dualism as taught by our Maharaj Srimat Swami Biswa Pranab Atyashram. Our current work is based on Raj Rajyeshwari and Relative Humanity - the intellectual legacies of our grandfather, Sri Shyam Sundar Dutta. We also come from an 'old world Bengali family' lineage which is closely linked to Bengal’s history, heritage and culture.  At this confluence, we were raised in a simple, warm, loving family in Kolkata, India. Our grandmother, Smt. Anjali Mitra was a Gold Medalist in Music, our father was a Tea Taster, and our mother is a Medical Doctor (OBGYN and Ultrasonologist). 

While we take pride in our Indian and Bengali roots and honor our family heritage, we also believe privilege comes with responsibilities to make a difference. And we do that within our capacity. 

What was emphasized at home was to find our happiness and do everything with great joy and love. That’s exactly what led us to where we are today.

We live a holistic, green, meditative life. Besides us, our dear friends from all over the world, and our beloved teachers also are an integral part of our life journey. Our plants, a squirrel family and a sparrow family who visit us every day during lunch time, and a bunch of pigeons and crows constitute our extended family. 

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We engage in various Community Outreach Programs and Social Services. We bring our wholeness in what we do at an individual, community and collective level through various community-centric and humanitarian initiatives - globally and locally. 

We are building an ecosystem of people and organizations like us who are honest, warm, genuine, humble, and conscientious. We would love to hear from you if your organization is willing to collaborate and offer opportunities especially for our students. There are people in our life whose support is priceless – we cannot ever put a price tag to that. We thank Creator for them and we dedicate our creative work to some of them.

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Entrepreneurship Guidance as a Trusted Advisor:

"Since the day I met Rajyeshwari Mam she never had failed to inspire and support me. She is the one of the very few people with whom I can share my achievements first. Her suggestions and guidance shaped my strategies to achieve my goals at ProxMaq and my first project, Proxvision smart glasses for blind people. If it wasn’t for her I’d have missed the great opportunity to build my leadership skills through a program provided by the most prestigious university in the world, Harvard University. Thank you very much Rajyeshwari Mam for your priceless guidance and incredible support. I always look forward to working with you.”

- Mahesh Ch, Founder and CEO at ProxMaq, Participant at Aspire Institute Leadership Development Program


It would be lovely to stay in touch!

We bring like-minded, genuine, thoughtful, kind people who love what they do through various initiatives such as Interviews, Stories, Articles, Book Reviews, and Virtual, Social Gatherings.

If you like what we do, we welcome you to write about us and to invite us to speak about our purpose-driven work.  

If you have suggestions, recommendations, we are always ready to listen.

Please do write to us at

Thanks for submitting!

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