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Currently, the total world population is 7.9 Billion as of September 2021, out of which China has 18%, India has 17.5% and the U.S. has 4.25% of total population of the world.

  • Unemployment: Approximate unemployment of 200 million people by 2022 (UN Labour Expert)

  • Mental Health: 792 million (10.7% global population) suffering from various mental health (

  • Education: 759 million illiterate adults, 175 million children without preprimary education, 72 million children without access to primary education (UNICEF)

  • Wealth Inequality: In 2015, 736 million people lived on less than $1.90 a day.

  • Hunger: 811 million still go hungry 

  • Homeless/Housing: 100 million were homeless (2015). 1.6 billion lacked adequate housing (United Nations and Habitat, 2015)​

The question is how do we have a better and fairer distribution of wealth between world’s economically developed, emerging and frontier economies ?

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