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We cover a full range of courses, spanning the introductory, intermediate and advanced levels. The purpose of the courses is to deliver a holistic learning experience in multiple phases. In the first phase, the theoretical knowledge is delivered in simple, easy-to-understand way. In the subsequent phases, the practitioners put the theoretical knowledge in real life to get experiential learning.

These are some of our courses. We will keep adding more.

Our Services: Courses


The Sanskrit words for leadership are ‘netrtva’ and ‘nayakatva’. It means discharging the duties and responsibilities based on sound, moral principles. Leadership is the internal compass that guides us to skillfully balance all dimensions of life. Therefore, a fundamental understanding of various elements of life is crucial. In this program, we discuss in a participative, thoughtful way the deepest queries of life and explore various themes such as the meaning of personal leadership, spiritual intelligence, emotional intelligence, creative problem solving and win-win relationship building. The experiential part of the session sets the participants on a deeply contemplative self-discovery.


In a hyper connected disruptive world, to stay afloat and stay true to our principles in life, it takes courage, conviction, and faith. This program is designed to explore how we can integrate the power of Higher Intelligence in everything what we do, to learn how we can practice self-awareness, to discover and understand various emotions that control us and to make better use of these emotions to bring more vitality, creativity, fulfillment in professional and personal life.


The Sanskrit word for entrepreneurship is “AntarPrerana.” It means intrinsic motivation to do what we are called to do. There are several dimensions to actualize this inner drive – first, aspiring entrepreneurs need to have the foundational knowledge and skills; second, the entrepreneurial mindset needs to be cultivated and third, the collaborative ecosystem needs to be nurtured so that the entrepreneurial initiatives succeed. This workshop lays the theoretical and conceptual understanding of generating and executing an idea to make it a socially-sensitive, profitable, purpose-driven initiative.


The Meditative Writing workshop is the start of an experiential journey of self-discovery. It is intense, reflective and introspective. In this workshop, the participants will develop awareness of a gamut of emotions, will make sense of those emotions and will evolve as the Witness of the workings of the mind. The writing exercises are meant to get in touch with our inner world and to develop better understanding of our own selves. In the long run, with persistent practice, this meditative writing ritual brings inner peace, equanimity, joy, and conviction.


Blockchain Technology is going to revolutionize the way we work. It has tremendous potential and impact in almost all industries. In this course, we explore the history, background, characteristics, features of this new technology. We explore the limitations and the typical case studies in various industries from multiple perspectives.


I am a Trusted Advisor and Consultant to Leaders and Managers. I look at the forest and the trees at the same time. I bring futuristic, holistic, balanced, honest, fair, inside-out, outside-in, independent, unorthodox perspective to a project, situation, and event. I am known for my fresh ideas and innovative creative mind. My multidisciplinary approach combined with practical experience help me to look at situations from unique standpoint.

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How will these courses on Quantum Paradigm benefit us ?

Collective Benefits:

There are several reasons why Quantum paradigm based work and our courses are crucial and they are different from today’s Newtonian paradigm based Leadership and other practices. The first reason is globally there is a shift happening in the mental plane from mechanistic, objective, Newtonian way to holistic, dynamic, Quantum way. The second reason is there is also another transition happening in the global business model from a mind-based, degenerative, life-depleting way to holistic (mind-body-spirit), regenerative, life-giving way of life. As a result, the conscious, living organizations operating on a multi-stakeholder model would be thriving in the near future.

Individual and Organizational Benefits:

In case of individuals, the teachings from the courses, once implemented in life, would help the practitioners to address various life challenges such as unfulfilling career, lack of fulfillment in relationships and balance in life, short term mindset, loss of interest in work, loneliness.

In case of organizations, the teachings from the courses, once implemented in organizational culture, over a period of time, these would help to address toxic work culture, organizational silos, lack of purpose and vision, lack of transparency, credibility, integrity, loss of talent.

The benefits in case of individuals are increased self-power, high emotional and social intelligence, equanimity, purpose and passion in life, confidence building, fulfilling relationships, leadership skills, meaningful work, creativity and innovation.

The benefits in case of organizations are increased focus on organization's purpose and goals, increased productivity with joy and fulfillment, service excellence, employee and ecosystem well being.

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Who would be benefited ?

Since this is a global paradigm shift, this shift will impact all of us in the value chain, globally, sooner or later. Therefore, globally, irrespective of what we do, we need to be made aware of this shift and we need to start preparing to make this transition. I firmly believe the following group would be benefited:

  • Individuals and students from colleges, universities and institutes

  • Organizations including family owned businesses, small, medium and large cap organizations, non-profit, non-governmental entities

  • Working class of the value chain

  • Migrant workers, refugees, women and children in impoverished parts of the world

Students and practitioners need to put 100% commitment, hardwork, dedication and sincere efforts to get the results over a period of time with continuous practice. 

How do we engage ?

There are multiple ways we can engage –

  • One day workshop

  • Half-day workshop

  • Co-create workshops based on organizational needs

  • You suggest any other way that would be suitable for you

  • If there is more than one workshop arranged in a particular geographic region with two or more clients, we can spread the total operational expenses (such as flight, accommodation, food, local conveyance, refreshments) evenly amongst the clients.

How do we plan to deliver ?

We live in VUCA world. So, we will choose the most suitable platform depending on the circumstances.

  • Virtual platforms for example using Zoom

  • Physical classroom

  • Combination of virtual and physical

What are the modes of payment ?

We are currently working on our payments model. You can pay us using the following methods when you register:

  • NEFT deposit

  • PayPal

  • Paytm

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