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Background 2017-2018

  • How do I design a life where I can give equal value to all aspects of life – spiritual, family, professional, social?

  • How do I integrate spirituality (practical wisdom) into all dimensions of life?

  • How do I live my life based on my highest purpose – the redemption of my soul in this life?

  • How do I design a system which would help me to care for the planet (environment), the people (society and community), and the profit (economy) for our earth family?

I was seeking these answers. You may wonder why I would do that. To answer that, I want to set the context. It may help you to understand me and why I do the way I do. I am in my early forties. As you know, I come from an old-world Bengali family. I was raised in a liberal, spiritual environment. My family gave me the freedom to find my calling. Since 1998, I am managing various realities. I spent eleven years in the U.S. for work and studies, traveled extensively in more than ten countries, met people from more than one hundred and twenty countries around the world, self-published a book (also based on an experiential journey), wrote several stories, and articles, and lived through 9/11, 2008 financial crisis. My U.S. undergraduate education based on liberal arts in an orthodox Christian environment, my meditation practices at Thai village and forest monasteries, my time at Jiddu Krishnamurti’s Study Centre were also some of the contributing factors that shaped my perspectives of life. My work experience - working odd jobs and professional jobs - added to my exposure. All these and much more made me uniquely me. I realized I am my own person. 

My experiences:

In 2017, I was back in Kolkata to settle down after being away for nearly two decades. I reached out to many established professionals for possible help and guidance. It was the young professionals who shared details about various whereabouts. I decided to design a life that would let me materialize all that I was seeking. Quantum Paradigm was the answer. My late grandfather's work, Raj Rajyeshwari, which was published long before I was born, talked about a system designed on the principles of Quantum. I came across this published work around that time. He named me, Rajyeshwari, which also means the transmutation of masculine and feminine energy to divine energy. After doing the necessary legal paperwork, I continued doing intensive research on various holy books and wisdom literature including the Vedas, Upanishads, Contemplative Christianity, Sufism, Kabbalah, and other classical works of great minds. I decided to announce publicly in August 2019 that I started my practice, Quantum Holistic Advisory Services, based on Quantum Paradigm.

Broadly speaking, I faced challenges in two areas - gender bias and unprofessional work culture.

The solutions:

Based on my experiences and the challenges I faced, I realized I need to focus on like-minded individuals with similar character traits. It is important to find people those who have a similar worldview and are willing to co-create the shared future. The right people would together create the right culture because it is the culture where the foundation is made.

Just like any other entrepreneur, I went through a multitude of emotional states – happiness, joy, fulfillment, disappointment, stress and exhaustion. I have applied these two solutions to maintain both emotional and mental stability. In case of individuals, it is about doing the inner work in a disciplined way. In case of collectives (social and organizational), it is about following a set of guiding principles. Following the shared principles brings security, stability and trust in the long run.

I took a slow, steady, reflective approach to build my work from scratch. I applied the principles of the Quantum paradigm to build my practice. Therefore, the approach is research-oriented and reality-driven. I also realized the need to proactively and mindfully create awareness around the various dimensions of applications of the Quantum paradigm in the real world. For that, I have taken several initiatives. These initiatives are the research and the findings, the awareness-building efforts through writing and speaking engagements, initiatives to give back to society, and being part of a supportive ecosystem. 

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Quantum Paradigm is based on the study of reality (the relative truth), expanded on the conscious evolution of the subject (the individual), and manifested materially using the universal and timeless principles of life. Hence, it is forever dynamic. Unlike Newtonian Paradigm, it is subject dependent. So, an individual's character is of paramount importance as opposed to the independent, objective, mechanistic world of the Newtonian worldview. The experiential life of the subject creates the projected manifestation of the material object. Another key aspect of Quantum Paradigm is Spiritual Intelligence – the higher purpose that drives us.

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My work is research-based. I conducted a survey. The sample size of this survey was 105 people. The intent was to find out whether they would be interested to learn more about my work. This was pre-Covid time. 105 individuals were mostly from India. There were few individuals from Nepal, Bangladesh, and the U.S. These individuals represented mid to senior-level professionals and entrepreneurs who were in decision-making positions for possible workshops. 

  • 63% responded and showed interest to learn more about my work

  • 33% of this 63% believed my work has high potential in the VUCA world

  • 2 people introduced me to others in the network

  • Hardly anyone was comfortable talking about money, although it was an open-ended question

  • Retired professionals, women, and non-Indians were the outliers in the data set

  • Those who took interest were mostly entrepreneurs or those who have good people skills


I did several awareness building initiatives through speaking and writing engagements. I was invited to speak about my work on several occasions at places such as Calcutta University, Nepal’s Kantipur Conclave, eChai Network. The receptivity from the audience was very good.

What I also realized, it is difficult for many people to understand and conceptualize the idea of Quantum. It does require a strong intellectual base, a good understanding of metaphysics, understanding and application of Spiritual Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, and Contextual Intelligence. Most importantly, it requires self-awareness. Therefore, instead of talking about theories, I started writing real-life stories on applications of Quantum. I wrote articles and stories for the Thrive Global, the Café Dissensus Everyday, and The Kathmandu Post on topics ranging from Digital world, Spiritual Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Contextual Intelligence, Purpose-driven life, Blockchain.


I nominated 24 individuals (some of them represented their organizations) for their inspiring work and contribution during COVID-19 in India. These are real life stories from real people who gave ample examples of positive traits such as fortitude, godliness, empathy, happiness, thoughtfulness, compassion, gratitude, hope, joy, kindness. They have risen to the occasion and have lived life with purpose, passion and compassion. The COVID Heroes I nominated were doctors, auto-rickshaw drivers, entrepreneurs, social service professionals, healthcare professionals. I shared many of their stories on social media to give real life examples of emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence, contextual intelligence, and purpose-driven leadership.

I wrote three articles one on Reverend Ria Roth on her Journey and two on the Quantum Holistic Wealth Creation Model. I contributed to Draft National Strategy on Blockchain to Ministry of Electronics and IT (MEITY) and Blockchain Technology, delivered talks on Blockchain in Management at Jain CMS Business School, Emotional Intelligence at PMI Sacramento Valley Chapter, Emotional Intelligence and Mental Well-being at GMHA, and conducted a session at Global Teal Meet.


Dr. Biswaraj Ghosh joined Quantum Holistic as Program Director. Given his professional and academic background in Finance, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, he has taken responsibilities to lead Finance, Technology, Multi-stakeholder Management, Wealth Building and Operations. This is in addition to his independent work in research and publishing. So, instead of referring to 'I' or 'my' work, we would say 'we' and 'our work' as we work together towards manifesting our shared vision and purpose. 

The Logo is conceptualized by me - Founder, herself. While I designed it on paper, digitally, it was delivered by Mr. Hindol Dutta of The Cybernetics. 

The Quantum Holistic website is launched on WIX. Dr. Biswaraj Ghosh did in-depth research on the best practices of website design, website hosting, SEO optimization, and email hosting. With that knowledge, the website is digitally and lovingly handcrafted by me, Rajyeshwari.

We have taken a decision to utilize available resources. Since the work is research-driven, we have taken added measures for data security and privacy.  So, we are delighted to use Zoho business email, which is free-of-charge for first five users. 

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Our commitment to inner work to integrate and balance five elements helps us in our individual journey to wholeness. The guiding principles help us to build an inspiring culture where we know irrespective of our social, economic, religious differences, we would be treated with dignity and respect and that every individual’s sincere contribution is of paramount importance towards achieving the collective, higher purpose.

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We strive to integrate all five elements to live with wholeness.

Ether – We expand our state of consciousness by reflection.

Air – We are open to continuous learning.

Fire – We are passionate about what we do.

Water – We accept reality and adapt to diverse cultures and situations.

Earth – We practice humility and are rooted to our values and principles.


Principle 1: We treat everyone with dignity and respect. We expect the same from others.

Principle 2: We earn trust and respect based on our actions. We expect the same from others.

Principle 3: We create wealth based on a shared vision, shared purpose, and values.

Principle 4: We are committed to our self-evolution. We strive to live on the basis of the highest principles which are good for our soul, mind, heart, and body.

Principle 5: We care for our family, society, community, profession, and world at large. We are global citizens with local sensitivity.

Principle 6: We collaborate with those individuals and organizations those who see a similar organic, green shared future and are willing to work towards that vision based on universal and timeless principles of life.

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