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Our work would resonate well with those who believe work is more like a symphony orchestra played in harmony with our inner and outer worlds with a group of creative souls - where both the individual (particle) and collective (wave) play equally important roles. 

A typical work-artist, we may love to call ourselves, would be a blend of spiritual, intellectual, emotional, technical and worldly attributes. He/she would be able to think, feel, act and speak, thoughtfully and responsibly. Aesthetics of language would add charm and grace. 

We encourage independent thinking and we neither like to impose our beliefs nor would like anyone to impose their beliefs on us. We are truth-seekers and we create our own paths in life. 

We are looking to get to know like-minded individuals with similar perspectives of life so that we can enjoy the work we do together and also each other’s company. Those who join our multi-phased development program, got trained by us and have attended our classes, we would invite some of them to join us (provided they feel the same way about us), as and when we need support for our work.

Please note, most of the team members who join us are those whom we fairly know for some time. We are not quite keen to do traditional way of hiring from market because we work in an extremely niche culture. And we want very niche group of people to join us. 

The following positions are more likely to open in near future. The areas would be in Digital Marketing, Cross-disciplinary research, Media (Video and Photography).

  • Pre-Intern – In this stage, we explore ‘Are we right for each other?’

  • Intern – In this stage, the Pre-Intern becomes an Intern and joins our program.

  • Senior Intern – In this stage, the Intern works as Senior Intern with additional responsibilities.

  • Apprentice – In this stage, the Senior Intern takes up the role of Apprentice before he/she transitions to a full-time professional role.

These positions would be Hybrid. This means the work will be done both in-person and virtually. Therefore, we would like to give opportunities to High School students in Class 11 and 12 and College students of any stream, mostly from Bengal.

We also welcome students from all parts of India to share your ideas how you want to work with us. We will listen.

International students are welcome to apply for Virtual Exchange Programs, once available.

Please check in this space for more updates on these programs. 

While we regularly examine our beliefs and thoughts and try to be as much conscious of our unconscious biases, we need to also realize, at the end of the day, we are all humans, and we also have our limitations.

Like the way, we would not like anyone to judge us without first getting to know us, in the same way, we will not judge and discriminate anyone on the basis of any of the social constructs such as age, gender, race, color, creed, caste, nationality, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, social status, economic status, economic possessions, etc. However, we would encourage to have open, honest, thoughtful dialogues with those who are different than us with the intent to understand them at a deeper level.

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