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Collaborations with our Ecosystem

We welcome individuals and organizations of any size to collaborate with us by sharing and creating opportunities for our multi-stakeholder community, especially for our students.

Based on our past experiences, we experienced fulfilling and meaningful synergy with those organizations and individuals who are purpose-driven, working around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG), community-oriented, and most importantly truthful, transparent, humble and have noble intent for win-win relationship building. They walk the talk. They are predictable and trustworthy. We refer to Individual and Organizational Levels of Consciousness of various authors. According to the Levels of Consciousness, we usually connect well with those who are predominantly at Level 4 and above. We know for sure there are plenty of good people and amazing organizations – we are looking for you! If we are aligned to collaborate, we would put the logo of your organization and mention the name, in case of individual, here.

We are interested in these areas –

  • Virtual Internship, Fellowship and Apprenticeship opportunities for our students – it can be paid/unpaid, short or long, global, national or local

  • Special Opportunities for Virtual Internship, Fellowship and Apprenticeship for Inclusive growth for our differently-abled, first-generation college graduates, transgender and other marginalized groups. It can be paid/unpaid, short/long, global, national or local

  • Exchange Programs (Remote/In-person) for all

  • Joint Corporate Social Responsibility Projects

  • Collaborations for joint programs, research projects and teaching opportunities

  • You can suggest any opportunity

Following sources help us to get a basic idea about an individual and an organization:

  • Active social media presence – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter

  • Information on Website

  • Published work – Books, Articles, Short stories, Podcasts

PLEASE NOTE: Based on our years of experience, we are not interested in working with individuals with certain predominant behavioral traits such as gender and age bias (male chauvinists), selfish, self-serving, arrogant, manipulative, condescending behavior based on social, organizational and economic hierarchies, over smartness, overconfidence, and know-it-all attitude. This is because, time and again, we have seen these behaviors lead to degeneration, emotional and mental distress including distrust and disharmony, broken societies and communities. This is irrespective of people’s high credentials and achievements. While we recognize there are at least some positive traits in every person, it is a personal choice how a person wants to be and live one's life. We are also not interested working with organizations which are predominantly profit-driven and it reflects on the organizational culture.

Let’s us hear from you if you are someone like us and an organization working on the new, alternative paradigm!

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